Wednesday, August 9

Day Three: Introduction to Assignment Design and Assessment

The third day of the Teach@CUNY Summer Institute focuses on Assignment Design and Assessment. We’ll discuss the ways assignments can be used as a starting point for course design, and participants will be encouraged to build an aspect of their syllabus through backwards design and/or use backwards design as a way to test the logic of an existing syllabus. We’ll then explore a range of methodologies for constructing writing assignments and corresponding rubrics or assessment guidelines. We’ll talk about scaffolding an assignment as a way to build in check-ins and incorporate additional skill and content components, as well as time-saving assessment strategies. Finally, we’ll consider ways to make use of NYC-area resources such as museums, archives, parks, etc to help students gain disciplinary knowledge and skills through hands-on work. Participants are encouraged but not required to bring past successful or unsuccessful assignments, a draft of an assignment or an assignment idea for the coming semester as well as a course syllabus or syllabus in progress.

Face to Face Meeting: Room 9204, 4pm – 6pm

Readings: n/a