Tuesday, August 8

Day Two: Conceptualizing Your Course

On the second day of the Teach@CUNY Summer Institute we will explore how to conceptualize a course. Beyond thinking about the course as a unit in relation to a larger curriculum of classes and requirements, seeing and constructing the course as a single, unified experience can be helpful in planning a class on the day-to-day level. Within the context of your own course, we will explore how different course design methods, such as backwards planning and Universal Design for Learning, can help you identify learning goals, structure your units, and relate your course to larger contexts and disciplinary structures. We’ll then begin to think together about the syllabus as a document that can reflect the goals, characteristics, and narrative of a course.

Face to Face Meeting: Room 9204, 4pm – 6pm


Read:  “Teach@CUNY Handbook – Online, Annotatable 2017 Edition.” Accessed August 3, 2017. https://handbook.commons.gc.cuny.edu/.

Read two of the following:

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