Thursday, August 10

Day Four: Educator Self-Portrait: Reflections on Pedagogy and Positionality

The fourth day of the Teach@CUNY Summer Institute will give participants an opportunity to engage in a guided self-reflexive workshop focused on developing an intentional pedagogy and an understanding of our positionality in the classroom. We will consider perspectives on race, ethnicity, gender, class, nationality and disability within the larger socio-cultural and political contexts where we teach, and reflect on our own experiences with these perspectives as learners and educators. This workshop will function as a space for reflection and sharing of different experiences, insights and questions by new educators interested in developing a pedagogical practice that is socially conscious.

Face to Face Meeting: Room 9206, 4pm – 6pm

Readings: watch Natalia Ortiz Teach@CUNY Day keynote; read Hilarie Ashton, “Discovering Your Teaching Persona.”