Guide to Digital and Online Participation

Teach@CUNY Summer Institute:
Guide to Digital and Online Participation

Week 1

The Teach@CUNY Summer Institute will accommodate various modes of online and digital participation. During Week One, all workshops will be live-streamed through video streams that will be launched daily using YouTube Live.

Remote participants who are following along with the workshops synchronously can join in all activities and discussions using both Slack and Google Hangouts. We’ll use Slack to chat online and share files, and we’ll also post links in our Slack space to Google Hangouts for group activities. Please see below for a detailed description of each communication tool.

Online participants who wish to participate asynchronously–who aren’t available from 4-6pm from August 7-10–can catch up on the day’s conversation by reading through that day’s Slack discussion and by going over the day’s collaborative notes in Google Docs. At any time, participants can join or continue the conversation, ask questions, or share materials by adding to the Slack channel, which will be monitored continuously by the staff of the Teaching and Learning Center.

YouTube Live

At the start of each workshop, we’ll share a YouTube Live link for the day’s livestream in that day’s Slack channel. You’ll be able to see and hear the seminar room through this live-stream. Simply clicking on the link will open the stream in your default browser.


Throughout the Summer Institute, participants will communicate with the TLC team and one another through the Teach@CUNY Slack team. Slack is an online workspace designed to facilitate communication, organization, and file-sharing for various companies, schools, and other groups looking to streamline collaboration.

Before the Institute, each participant will be sent an invitation to join the Teach@CUNY Slack Team. When you accept the invitation (sent to the email address you provided during registration) you will be taken through the steps to activate your Slack account. Once ready, you can see and join in all online activity by going to During the Institute, all communication with TLC staff will go through Slack.

You’re encouraged to download the Slack desktop or mobile app for easier communication and notifications. You can customize your notifications in your Slack profile’s settings.

There are two different ways to communicate in Slack: through direct messaging (DM) and by participating in group conversations in channels. In Slack, all channels start with a #. USe the #general channel to ask or post comments or questions for all members. To Direct Messaging another team member click on their name on the left side of the Slack interface, and communicate directly with them. You can also use the @ sign followed by the name of a person to notify them that you’ve mentioned them in a discussion.

For more on workspaces, channels, direct messages, and how to join Slack, please visit the What is Slack and Getting Started with Slack Guides. Once you sign in to Slack, you’ll be prompted to take a tutorial, which you can elect to do or not.  

During the first week of the Institute, we’ll launch Slack channels to facilitate discussion for each workshop. So, for instance, on day one, all online participants should join the #workshop1 channel. Whether you’re attending in person or remotely, you can share a question or comment through Slack. A TLC Fellow monitoring the Slack channel will then share your question with the group, and also post any prompts for activities or discussion questions to the Slack channel. The day’s Slack channel will be projected on a screen so online conversation runs continuous with the in-class discussion.

Slack channels will remain open after the workshops have ended, so if you have any further questions, comments, or want to reach out to fellow participants, don’t hesitate to send them a message in Slack.

Google Hangouts

During portions of the workshops in which in-class participants break out into groups, the TLC fellow handling the Slack channel will post a link to a Google Hangout within Slack, which online participants can then join to talk with members of their designated group (we’ll let you know what group you’re in). Google Hangouts facilitates group video conferencing for groups up to 10 people. To participate, you’ll need a working mic and webcam. We’ll launch the Hangouts in the day’s Slack Channel along with the Slack names of the assigned participants, and you’ll only need to click on the link provided there to join.

Google Docs

During each workshop, a TLC fellow will be taking notes in an open Google Doc. All participants can contribute to this document by going to the TCUNY folder. Unlike Slack, which is where we’ll have ongoing conversations, Google Docs will serve as a tool to create a record of the day’s takeaways, tips, suggestions, and other insights. This is a resource you might consult later to find a recap of the day’s work and insights.

Week 2

During the second week of the Institute, the TLC will launch new Slack channels on more focused topics each day from Monday through Thursday. Please see below for the schedule of channels and the days on which they’ll launch. You are invited to join all channels that match your interests or needs. Joining a channel is a way for you to meet and collaborate with other teaching fellows who share the same interests and build community around a specific sub-field related to teaching at CUNY. Once you join a channel, you are encouraged to participate in discussions, ask questions, and share relevant materials or work in progress for feedback. A TLC fellow will be active on the day of the launch of each channel to answer questions, facilitate activities, or suggest readings, and will remain available for questions and feedback in the days after the Summer Institute. We hope these channels will remain active spaces to facilitate communication and create community throughout the academic year.

Slack Channel Launch Schedule: Week 2

Monday, 8/14 #syllabi

all participants who are attending the 8/17 workshop are asked to join this channel, as it will provide feedback and guidance for the syllabus assignment for that workshop

#edtech Discipline Channels:




all participants are encouraged to join their discipline channel

Day 2 (8/15) #socially-conscious-pedagogy #assignment-design #writing

(including WAC/WID Pedagogy)

Day 3 (8/16) #public-speaking #udl
Day 4 (8/17) #portfolios #intl-students