8/17 Final Meeting: Pitch your Course

From August 10-17, your task is to develop your course and build your syllabus, drawing upon the resources introduced during the Institute’s first week and using the TLC Summer Institute’s Slack space to get feedback on your ideas. For Thursday, August 17th, we invite participants to prepare a brief overview of their course to share verbally with the group in 3-5 minutes. This should not be a walk-through of your syllabus (a document that, after all, may still be in progress). Rather, we’re asking you to “pitch” your class to the other participants—to tell the story of your course as you envision it unfolding during the semester, highlighting the major themes and throughlines, the primary learning goals, and the major assignments you’ll use to promote and evaluate student learning.

The goal of this exercise is to help you identify and clearly articulate the objectives you have for your course, so that you can work “backwards” to shape and/or refine your syllabus. Some questions that may guide you:

  • If you had to describe the course to students interested in taking it, what would you say?
  • Why does the class start and end where it does, and what major activities will you be engaged in along the way?
  • What do you expect students will be able to do by the time the semester is done?

You may also find it helpful to watch this TED Talk on “Courses as Narratives, or to read (or review) this recent article from the Chronicle, Your Syllabus Doesn’t Have to Look Like a Contract.”

Participants on August 17 will receive feedback on their presentations, which they can use to guide their work during the remainder of the in-person session and in the week remaining before the launch of classes.

Room 9204,  1pm – 5pm