Welcome to the 2017 Teach@CUNY Summer Institute!

Participants in the Institute will work with staff of the Teaching and Learning Center and each other to build community and a foundation for teaching in the CUNY undergraduate classroom. The Institute is intended to provide inexperienced college teachers with a set of resources and guiding questions that can ease their planning and enrich their courses and their teaching experiences.

The Institute’s design and format intends to accommodate both the summer schedules and varying degrees of time commitment possible among Graduate Center students. Graduate Center students who participate should be prepared to spend 2-3 hours a day actively engaged in work related to the institute.

In the first week, we will have two-hour meetings from 4pm-6pm Monday-Thursday to discuss CUNY’s history, students, and curricula; how to conceive of a course; assignment design and assessment; and critical approaches to positionality in the classroom. For the second week, participants will be asked to complete an assignment related to their course preparation, and then we will offer a set of online spaces for conversation about a range of topics related to college teaching. On Thursday, August 17, we’ll hold a four-hour in-person workshop for students to develop their syllabi and identify next steps in their course planning process.

Each week will conclude with an informal meet-up at the Graduate Center for those who can attend.

Though it’s possible and will be beneficial to participate only in parts of the institute, GC students who are active throughout the two-week program will receive the “Teach@CUNY Summer Institute Certificate” from the Graduate Center’s Provost’s Office.

Current Graduate Center students are asked to register for the Institute at this url: http://cuny.is/tcuny-institute.  Registered attendees will be asked to fill out a registration survey the week of July 31 that will help guide the TLC’s planning.

Week One

The first week of the Teach@CUNY Summer Institute will guide participants through readings, short assignments, and daily face-to-face and online discussions. Our work will provide a theoretical foundation for course design that incorporates both an awareness of the various contexts in which participants will be teaching and the specific strengths, challenges, and opportunities that GC student instructors bring to CUNY’s classrooms. We will explore CUNY’s history, curriculum, and students, and consider how that context shapes how we conceive of course and assignment design. There will be a strong focus on inclusivity and accessibility and the ways in which the larger socio-cultural contexts within which we teach affect our perspectives and practice as educators.

Each day will include a small number of readings and offer activities during which participants can begin to conceptualize and design the courses they will be teaching during the Fall semester. An extended suggested readings and resources list will provide opportunities for additional reflection.

At the end of the first week, participants will be asked to draft or refine a syllabus for their fall course.

Please use the drop-down menu for a detailed overview of each of the workshops for week 1.

Week Two

During week two, participants will get feedback on their syllabi, and choose from a number of web-based inquiry channels on the Teaching and Learning Center’s Slack space. Discussion channels will include educational technology, socially conscious pedagogy, writing instruction, and teaching as an international student. We will also create spaces for student instructors to share questions and thoughts about teaching within their disciplines. This will give participants the time and tools to actively work on designing their course with the close support and guidance of TLC staff and other teaching fellows. The discussion channels will remain open beyond the span of the space of the institute and will serve to connect students to one another and to the staff of the Teaching and Learning Center.